The Youth Ministry allows all the youth of the Word of Faith Church to come together in fellowship in various rewarding and enjoyable activities. The purpose is to develop a deeper walk with God through Christian growth from a youth to an adult.

Youth Ministry



The Men's Ministry include all males in the church, which allows the brothers of the church to fellowship as a whole. These fellowships are designed to enhance the need of men in the body of Christ.



The Women's Ministry allows the female members to fellowship through different activities. The purpose of this ministry is to enhance the need of the females of the Word of Faith Church through services, teachings and fellowships.

Men & Women Ministry



Christian Education Ministry (Sunday School):

This ministry provides the membership with instruction and in-depth understanding of the teachings of Jesus Christ. the purpose of this group is to edify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through Bible study, Sunday school, and various worship experiences.

Brothers and Sisters of Faith Ministry:

The Brothers and Sisters of Faith ministry supports the Pastor's conference, workshops, travel expenses and vacations. The persons who elect to be members are all volunteers willing to commit themselves, their time, and their finances.


Members of this ministry reverence the word of God in Nehemiah 4:6, "So build we the wall; and all the wall was joined together unto the half thereof: for the people had a mind to work", thus each member has a mind to work.


This is a self-funding ministry which means, in all that the ministry members do, they do it relying on God to provide everything that is needed to accomplish each mission.



Reaching Out to Help God's People.


The vision of Word of Faith Outreach Ministry is to provide a holistic approach that seeks to minister to the "spiritual, physical, and emotional" needs of the individual in the surrounding area of the community.


The mission of Word of Faith Outreach Ministry is as given by Jesus in Matthew 25:31-46; to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick, care for the needy, widows, and orphans, and to provide ministry and care unto even the least of these.



The Music Ministry records and tapes services and is responsible for the distribution, sale of audio, and video taping. Please contact us if interested in purchasing any of the recorded services .

Additional Ministries


The word "USHER" means one who escorts persons to seats; doorkeeper; and servant. As ushers of the Word of Faith Church, we have committed ourselves to greet you with the love that God has placed in each of us to take care of your needs, as we trust in the Lord to take care of ours.